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Coupon Solution

Digital Coupon as a Solution:

Explore how our dynamic coupon solution can help you as a:

  • Marketing Tool
  • Sales Conversion Tool
  • Customer Acquisition Tool
  • Data Collection Tool

How Our Solution Can Be Applied:

  • Turn your static posters / signage into engagement driven ones.
  • Add a conversion mechanism into your social media posts.
  • Add an interactive element into your marketing messages.
  • Enhanced your current campaigns into a transaction / acquisition based model.

Posters / Signage:

  • Incorporate an interactive coupon into your static posters on site.
  • Start converting passing crowd into buying customers.
  • Generate potential leads and funnel them into your CRM.
  • Drive return business by offering vouchers / deals for their next visit.
  • Drive sales on preferred / selected items.
  • Sell packaged deals and manage / track it with our coupon solution.
  • Huge viral marketing potential.

Social Media:

  • Turn your existing social / online postings into conversion driven ones.
  • Generate pre-orders or advanced sales. Create Urgency with limited coupons.
  • Start measuring and tracking the effectiveness of your media channels or promotional mechanics.
  • Capture users and convert them into buying customers. Funnel them into your CRM.
  • Strong viral marketing potential.

Email / SMS / Direct Marketing:

  • Start reaching out to your customer base with a deal in a transactional way.
  • Drive customers to your POS with a coupon redemption deal.
  • Turn traditional awareness only messaging into conversion driven ones.
  • Extremely high viral marketing potential.

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